Friday, May 29, 2015

interesting reading

I'm on board with this. Obviously.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the internets

As I slowly make my way back onto various internet thangs I remember how frustrating it can be. And yet, so very entertaining. I'm back on Fetlife and okc for starters. Vastly different websites but the basic point is the same....people looking for others with similar interests and goals. Whether that be friendship, dating, or fucking. Or any combination of those.

Fet is interesting and sexy and I find less of a vibe of desperation there. I honestly learn a lot from that site and its proven to be a decent BDSM resource for me.

On okc, I get the gamut of sincere curious questions, ridiculous propositions, lame pick up lines, and the occasional intelligent, witty, original message that peaks my interest. For now, it's an interesting diversion and considering I've met a few people on there that I continue to see and consider great friends, it's worth filtering through the douche-bags to find the cool ones.

Speaking of the internet, this blog is in sore need of a makeover, including a new platform other than Blogger given recent changes to their policy on adult content. I'm researching options so we'll see where I end up, but Bella needs a new home and a new look.

So much internet, so little time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

sometimes get fixed up all cute and even go commando in a dress for nothing because schedules don't mesh and your date doesn't work out. Like today. Better luck next time Aaron. Wink wink. 

Also, I'm back bitches. I've missed y'all. 


Friday, January 30, 2015

what makes this good

Engaging in flirty banter knowing that if a connection is there, the repartee could progress to the fluttering of my lashes at him over coffee, perhaps the subtle touch of his hand to my knee under the table, or his palm pressed firmly on the small of my back, a first kiss to explore new lips that quickly turns from tentative to frenzied with the promise of more thorough tasting the next time...that autonomy is magic.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

tassel twirling

Fancypants date night is coming up this weekend with Mr. Man and friends and motherfucking BURLESQUE baby!!!! I ez sooo excited!!!!

Did I ever tell you about that time Frances and I were in a random hotel room and I did a tassel dance for her? The boobies were swingin' that weekend for sure. I miss her. But lucky for me, there is a trip to a bucket list city with her and company on the horizon! Bring it.

Peace, love, and pasties!
Now I'm of consenting age to be forgetting you in a cabaret. Somewhere downtown where a burlesque queen may even ask my name.
- Panic At The Disco

Friday, January 16, 2015

That wood. Those lips.

Recent text conversation...Me: Whatcha doing? Him: Tired. Just chopped wood for the past three hours. Me: Swoon What is it about a man doing rugged, manly (albeit stereotypical) things that is so fucking sexy? Who cares really, it just is.

I was practically on my way to the above wood chopper's house a couple of Sunday afternoons ago (well, I'd showered and shaved, which is half the battle) and a family issue came up on his end so I just put on my jammies and hopped into bed with a book. Still a good night, if not as sexy of one as I had anticipated. We'll make up for it another time.

Know what's also sexy? Womanly things like a set of full, luscious, biteable, lickable, pouty lips. That's what. Here's mine.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

what just happened?

I passed on going to Cash's tonight for reasons that are legit, but sound lame now and make me feel really old. Here's a list.
  • I would have had to get out of a cozy warm bed and change from comfy leggings and an ill-fitting tank into something sufficiently alluring
  • He lives 45 minutes away and I'd already driven 100+ miles today
  • I knew I'd be there all damn night and would be miserably tired tomorrow because I have a child who doesn't care (and shouldn't) about mom's booty calls. In other words, sleeping in for the amount of recovery time I'd need is not an option.
  • The prep was overwhelming and would've taken over an hour...shower, shave legs/armpits/naughty bits, fix hair, do makeup, get dressed
  • Prep time, one hour +. Drive time, approx. 2 hours round trip. That equals 3 hours of lameness for about 5 hours of sex and conversation. I suppose that's not bad but I wasn't feeling those odds tonight.
I told him I might could come over tomorrow afternoon, but I have work on Monday and couldn't stay past a reasonable hour.

I would like to turn in my responsible adult card immediately.