Friday, January 16, 2015

That wood. Those lips.

Recent text conversation...Me: Whatcha doing? Him: Tired. Just chopped wood for the past three hours. Me: Swoon What is it about a man doing rugged, manly (albeit stereotypical) things that is so fucking sexy? Who cares really, it just is.

I was practically on my way to the above wood chopper's house a couple of Sunday afternoons ago (well, I'd showered and shaved, which is half the battle) and a family issue came up on his end so I just put on my jammies and hopped into bed with a book. Still a good night, if not as sexy of one as I had anticipated. We'll make up for it another time.

Know what's also sexy? Womanly things like a set of full, luscious, biteable, lickable, pouty lips. That's what. Here's mine.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

what just happened?

I passed on going to Cash's tonight for reasons that are legit, but sound lame now and make me feel really old. Here's a list.
  • I would have had to get out of a cozy warm bed and change from comfy leggings and an ill-fitting tank into something sufficiently alluring
  • He lives 45 minutes away and I'd already driven 100+ miles today
  • I knew I'd be there all damn night and would be miserably tired tomorrow because I have a child who doesn't care (and shouldn't) about mom's booty calls. In other words, sleeping in for the amount of recovery time I'd need is not an option.
  • The prep was overwhelming and would've taken over an hour...shower, shave legs/armpits/naughty bits, fix hair, do makeup, get dressed
  • Prep time, one hour +. Drive time, approx. 2 hours round trip. That equals 3 hours of lameness for about 5 hours of sex and conversation. I suppose that's not bad but I wasn't feeling those odds tonight.
I told him I might could come over tomorrow afternoon, but I have work on Monday and couldn't stay past a reasonable hour.

I would like to turn in my responsible adult card immediately.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

interlude over

I hope your holidays were lovely and sexy and at least a little bit naughty. A couple months break from this space has been good, but now I feel like writing again.

Real life is busy and the sexy life hasn't been quite as much of a priority lately, although I did have a great night with Ethan a few weeks ago that left me sore and sated for a bit. More on that another time though.

I'm bracing for post December/New Years because that's when I get a whole lotta antsy and the restlessness hits peak levels. I plan to fill the coming months with friends and fun, healthy things. January will see me taking a new yoga class, enjoying some burlesque and ramping up my running.

I'm excited to seek out fresh outlets, sexual and otherwise. We're gonna look at it as a chance for new adventures and not something to simply "get through".

For now, here's a leg selfie.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Drag show with friends last weekend was so much fun! But I have no idea how anyone could have a BAD time at a drag show anyway. I love how sex positive and freeing it all is. 

Driving home the other day and saw the ex outside the bike shop. I don't think he saw me which is just as well. I expect we'll run into each other face to face one day sooner or later and it will be all kinds of awkward.

Cash's birthday is coming up. I have some great gift ideas to give him at our next sleepover. Wink wink. 

That's all for tonight folks. 


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

good girls are over rated

"See anybody could be good to you. You need a bad girl to blow your mind."

I do love and relate to that lyric...