Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

in the queue

A vacation recap post is in the works. Bottom line - it was sexy and fun and damn great!

Also, I'm meeting that guy I mentioned in my last post for lunch tomorrow. The one who hasn't seen my face yet. I gotta admire his sense of adventure.

The End.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hi all. I'm sitting in my kitchen knowing I should be asleep because tomorrow is another work day after all. But sleep is eluding me and my brain is busy, so here I am. 

A few things...

Cash is sick. Frighteningly sick. I'm hoping it's not as bad as he says the doctors say, or as bad as I suspect, but one can never tell about such things. I went to see him a couple of months ago and we had a sexy time as always, but his news definitely overshadowed things. We said "I love you's" more than usual and it was just sweet...bittersweet. I check in on him every week in what I'm sure is an annoying and overly-motherly way. I try to pass it off as flirty/sexy but am not always successful I'm sure. We've grown to be good friends (with benefits, yes, but plain ol' friends as well) and I care about him a whole big bunch. Worry worry.

I had lunch with Aaron today. We hadn't seen each other in a few months (he says six, I say one), and it is always the very best thing to hang with him, naked or not. The conversation was sexy and the company lovely. The feel I copped through his jeans on the ride back, and the kiss he stole before dropping me off? Fabulous. He's good people, that one.

"Met" someone interesting this past week, although so far it's only been via messaging and texts. Another musician. What is my deal with musicians? I am tone deaf and play no instruments, don't go to concerts or live music events very much and yet... I think it's the creativity aspect that attracts me. And in my opinion, all men substantially elevate their hotness level with a guitar strapped around their neck. Although that doesn't explain why a disproportionate number of men who approach me are musicians. But I digress. This man is interesting to talk to, funny, and attractive, but he hasn't seen my face yet. The conversation was progressing and he still hadn't asked to see my face, which I thought was odd because that's usually the first thing that comes up. When it finally did, he said the thought of meeting me in person, yet having never seen my face before the encounter, was really appealing to him. And when I stop and think about it, I kind of get that. As much as I'd like to think that my sarcastic wit and cynical humor are the reasons for holding his interest, I'm pretty sure he's just into the element of surprise. We plan to meet for coffee after I get back from vacation. Which brings me to....

Mr. Man and I are going on a week long vacation with another couple. I know both of them in the biblical sense and love them dearly. Mr. Man and I are meeting them in a state far away from our respective homes and we will explore the city for a few days and then they will fly home with us to stay at our abode for a few more days before heading back to their home. No pressure and no expectations, but play time is on the table. It will be a fun trip regardless and I'm really looking forward to just hanging out.

And now, bed.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

adventures in online shenanigans

This week's *adventures on okcupid...persistent men.
  • If I didn't respond to your first two messeages, I'm probably not going to respond to your next ten. 
  • Thank you for your phone number (that I didn't ask for) but I'll not be using it.
  • If you insist on calling me "babe" or "beautiful" or "honey" or "darling" or any other patronizing endearment, I will cut you. At least mentally.
  • Don't repeatedly bug me about meeting up with you.
  • I do not want your unsolicited cock photo.
  • Message of the day from someone who'd already messaged me and I hadn't responded..."Hey babe, I'm waiting for your text (gives me his number again). I want the same thing you do. Looking forward to hearing from you." No, you are not looking for the same thing I am. Read the profile again. Or actually, don't. Just go away.
Maybe this makes me sound like a bitchy okc user, but I think not for the most part. Because there are a handful of people who send the right mix of polite but not boring, funny but not ridiculous, interesting but not too bizarre messages and we engage in enjoyable adult conversation just fine.

*I may make this a regular series. Ha.

In other news...
  • Mr. Man had a date tonight that didn't work out. I was asleep when he got home so I didn't get details yet but it was one of those not-really-compatible, not his/her type kind of things. A bummer but it happens.
  • Considering a profile on
  • I am bored


Feet are weird. Like belly buttons and adam's apples are weird. But some people really dig feet. And I mean REALLY dig 'em.

So for you foot fetish people, this one's for you. I like how these shoes make my feet look. That arch y'all...that's some sexy shit eh?

Bella's feet

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the internets

As I slowly make my way back onto various internet thangs I remember how frustrating it can be. And yet, so very entertaining. I'm back on Fetlife and okc for starters. Vastly different websites but the basic point is the same....people looking for others with similar interests and goals. Whether that be friendship, dating, or fucking. Or any combination of those.

Fet is interesting and sexy and I find less of a vibe of desperation there. I honestly learn a lot from that site and its proven to be a decent BDSM resource for me.

On okc, I get the gamut of sincere curious questions, ridiculous propositions, lame pick up lines, and the occasional intelligent, witty, original message that peaks my interest. For now, it's an interesting diversion and considering I've met a few people on there that I continue to see and consider great friends, it's worth filtering through the douche-bags to find the cool ones.

Speaking of the internet, this blog is in sore need of a makeover, including a new platform other than Blogger given recent changes to their policy on adult content. I'm researching options so we'll see where I end up, but Bella needs a new home and a new look.

So much internet, so little time.